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Makesbridge publishes a marketing automation platform that is used by companies around the globe.

This month is Marketing Automation Month, and thanks to our friends at Makesbridge we are bringing you some practical advice on how to maximize your marketing efforts, giving your business the edge that can take you to the next level.

Makesbridge is a sophisticated platform that allows you to develop powerful campaigns.

The platform features easy-to-use tools that offer automation that everyone can do. Even the beginners can easily execute their essential prospect management tasks, such as; email marketing, direct mail, automated nurturing, advanced targeting, lead qualification, behavior tracking, business intelligence and sales alerts.


They have worked with all kinds of companies grow their technology and systems integration. From independent contractors to corporate icons, media houses to Fortune 500, we’ve helped companies improve their way of doing business and generate revenue faster. Their single point agenda is to help businesses grow faster. Makesbridge is the first marketing automation company to provide a combination of power, economy, package flexibility and support. The on-demand product is delivered without long-term obligation via monthly subscription. In addition, you can customize the subscription by calculating your cost. Makesbridge price and feature calculator helps you pick up the best and desired package for your business. They have not only worked with small and medium sized customers but also helped large and well-known companies in achievement of their marketing and CRM goals. Recognized names such as Time Warner Cable, Johnson & Johnson, Hewlett Packard, Microsoft, and NCR have used the Makesbridge platform. Makesbridge was founded in 2001 and is located in Saratoga Village, California.

Jay is the Founder and CEO of Makesbridge, a cloud based, all-in-one revenue generation platform, hand delivered with extreme care to guarantee customer success

His passion is to remove the high cost and nuisance that sit between executive leadership, sales and marketing teams, and booked sales.

Jay is a proven leader of high-functioning teams that create digital communication strategies, software apps, services and partnerships – which have generated revenue for Vodafone, Dell, HP, Microsoft, and other global brands.

He is also career-long advocate for delivering value through practical powerful application software experiences and data driven communications.

More About Makesbridge – LISTEN TO OUR INTERVIEW 

Reliable Email Marketing

Makesbridge offers reliable email marketing platform that helps you achieve your marketing goals. You can schedule email blasts at desired timing, or use our powerful lead nurturing tool to manage prospect. We offer an easy-to-use editor that enables you to customize your content for the planned or scheduled drip campaigns. You can upload your own template or use the beautiful pre-built ones. Of course, you can customize, add/remove every element on the templates.

Automation & Auto Responses

Email marketing automation allows you to save time and make a series of touch points with prospects. You can set up autoresponder emails whenever prospect performs an action; like form filling. Marketers can schedule welcome notes, event confirmation, resource link sharing, acknowledgements, and discount offers to keep prospect engaged. The best thing, you will not have to repeat this exercise; do it once, and Makesbridge will take care of the rest.

Reporting & Business Intelligence

Makesbridge helps you with reliable reporting and business intelligence tools. We have an easy to use drag-and-drop charting tool that helps marketers track prospect behavior. You can create and share custom web-hosted reports of your all online marketing campaigns. The integrated reporting tool allows you to measure results, set goals, and improve performance. You can export your reports/charts to PDF and save on your local machine.